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Qujiang has seen its 9-year development in tourism. With innovative strategies and focuses on the future, Qujiang strictly follows the construction standard of the national 5A tourist attraction and operates with the brand-new philosophy. Through constructing large scenic spots, marketing large brands, configurating large elements and other measures, the tourism in Qujiang gradually realizes the agglomeration effect, integration effect and brand effect on each large spot.
Qujiang tourism has already formed nine Industrial Clusters and six large areas: the core scenic zone—Qujiang national 5A tourist attractions and other areas---Shaanxi Famen Temple Culture Scenic Area, Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Xi’an City Wall, Xi’an Louguan Chinese Taoism Culture Exhibition Area and Xi’an Lintong National Tourism and Recreation Resort. Qujiang tourism increasingly matures, The annual number of tourists to Qujiang grows from 18.2million in 2007 to 30million in 2010; the comprehensive revenue in tourism grows from 450 million Yuan to 880 million Yuan. Qujiang has become a rapidly-rising new tourist area.
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