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Danbsp Ci’en Temple Ruins Park
  Xi’an Qujiang Dayan Pagoda andTang Paradise Scenic
  Dayan Pagoda Culture Leisure Scenic Area
  Danbsp Ci'en Temple and Dayan Pagoda Scenic Area
  Danbsp Ci’en Temple Ruins Park
  The Great Tang All-Day Mall
  Tang Paradise
  Tang City Wall Ruins Park
  Qujiang Pool Relics Park
  Qujiang Cool Cave Heritage Park
  Qujiang 2nd Qin Emperor’s Mausoleum Relics Park
  Qujiang Ocean Park
Da Ci'en Temple Ruins Park ,for merly known as Qujiang Park, Qujiang New District Administration Committee to the orientation of art, reconstruction, renamed Tang Da Cien Temple Ruins Park, is the big wild goose pagoda culture leisure spots in a relatively independent and distinct theme open garden, park is located in the Tang Dynasty by Cien Temple Hall site is famous for having be richly endowed by nature, historical value, landscape features and religious significance
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